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SM¡T is a blog that focuses on Japanese music, fashion and culture.

If you're interesting in helping our blog and writing about Japanese music, fashion and culture please look at the positions available below and fill out an application. We look forward to hearing from you!

Current positions available:
- News Reporter
- Live Reporter
- Reviewers
- Translator
- Culture blogger

News Reporters - (Ideal for applicants interested in the Japanese music part of
- Frequently update the blog with news (if you're interested in Japanese music this would be the ideal job). This can include new releases, PV's, tours, band merch, looks, controversy, etc.

Live Reporter - (Ideal for concert goers, convention attendies, or local event activities) 
- Share your concert, event or convention experiences. Write live reports, informational pieces on any Japanese inspired event you attend.

Reviewers - (Ideal for opinion writers. Review CDs, DVDs, restaurants, or goods)
- Write opinion pieces on recent news releases, CDs, DVDs, restaurants, band merchandise and more.

Translator - (Ideal for people who like to translate lyrics, tweets, blogs, or articles)
- You will be translating article, tweets, blogs, and lyrics. You will need a decent understanding of Japanese and English. If you apply for this position please send both the Japanese, and English translated portions of your example.

Culture blogger - (Ideal for those interested in the fashion, food, and cultural aspect of SM¡T)
- This is by far the most loose position. Write about fashion in Japan, or locally where you live. Post product reviews, make-up tutorials, recipes, how-to examples, and A LOT more. 
We look forward to your application. Fill it out here!


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