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Monday, April 18, 2011

No Regret Life - Fanfare English Translations

Recently I've been listening to them and when I came across this song no one translated it which is sad cause its amazing so here are my translations to this song! Please credit if used..

Well, lets begin, you looked at the back of someone while you walked that squeal
That fanfare that echoed rhythmically carved into me

Yes, at anytime we can start this rudder in the palm of our hands
Raise your sails and slowly but steadily time will move forward

Even not knowing my whereabouts I was just wondering about my way
After searching and hesitating I finally arrived on a desire

I hope for lights on the street and that you smile
These feeling, I will unleash them now

Lets begin, even though you still need to chase the back of someone its okay
I'll sting and strum

This connected hand will not separate anymore

So don't let go

Saa, hajimeyou dareka no senaka wo mite aruita sono tsudsuki wo
Narihibiita ano fanfaare wa keikai ni boku ni kizamikonda

Sou, itsudatte boku tachi wa mata hajimerareru kaji wa kono tenohira ni
Ho wo kakageyou yukkuri to kakujitsu ni toki wa susumu

Yukue shirazu tada boku wa michi wo sama youtte itanda
Sagashite mayotte tadori tsuita omoi
Boku wa negau machi ni akari wo anata ni hohoemi wo
Kono omoi wo tokihanatsu yo ima

Hajimeyou dareka no senaka wo mada oikakete tatte ii sa
Boku wa utau yo kakinarasu yo

Tsunai da te wa mou hanashi ya shinai yo

Hanase ya shinai yo