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Uchuu Sentai NOIZ - Jewel English Translations


Instead of staying in that kind of place head over here
Its that I came here to see you
Although we speak different languages

With momentum entrusted cross the boarder towards the sky
You are the stereotype
Right now I want to tell you
Don’t regret LIFE

When you were born into this world
You were crying with a loud voice
But hey
Everyone around you was smiling right?
So the sunshine comes in

To illuminate the total darkness
Before the feeling that we are about to give out
SHAINY GUY stands up again and again
Because he is believing that the dream he sketched will come true

There are people who protect
Because there is this present time
There are people who I’ll protect

Surpassing only the touch of love by gazing at each other
We'll have courage to forgive each other entirely
If a person can continue straight facing the same direction

When you were born into this world
You were crying with a loud voice
But hey
Everyone around you was smiling right?
To shine a light of hope

If god exists
I want to thank him with all my heart
SHAINY LADY who are always loved
Because she is believing that the dream she sketched will come true

When I come to an end
So I can go to the sky smiling
「I won’t hesitate if you have decided a path」
I was told when I was a child

To illuminate the total darkness
Before the feeling that we are about to give out
We stand up again and again
Because we are believing that the dream we sketched will come true


Son’na toko ni inaide koko ni kite
Kimi ni ai ni kita nda
Hanasu kotoba wa chigau kedo

Ikioi makase de sora e kokkyougoete
Kimi to wa sutereo taipu
Ima sugu tsutaetai
Koukai shinai LIFE
Ayume saa Boys be

Kono yo ni sei wo uketa toki
Kimi wa ooki na koe de naiteta
Dakedo nee
Mawari no min’na wa waratteta desho?
Hikari ga sashikomu you ni

Makkurayami terasu no wa
Mae ni ikou to suru kimochi
Nando mo tachiagaru SHAINY GUY
Egaita yume wa kanau to shinjite iru kara

Mamotte kureru hito ga ite
Kono ima ga aru kara
Mamotte ageru hito ga iru

Mitsumete fureau dake no ai wo sugite
Subete yurushi au yuuki wo
Onaji hou wo massugu muite ikeru hito to

Kono yo ni sei wo uketa toki
Kimi wa ooki na koe de naiteta
Dakedo nee
Mawari no min’na wa waratteta desho?
Kibou no hikari ga sashite

Kami-sama ga iru no nara
Omoikkiri kansha shitai nda
Itsu demo aisareru SHAINY LADY
Egaita yume wa kanau to shinjite iru kara

Boku ga owaru toki
Waratte sora ni ikeru you ni
「Anata ga kimeta michi* nara mayowanai」
Oshiete kureta osanaki hi

Makkurayami terasu no wa
Mae ni ikou to suru kimochi
Nando mo tachiagaru bokura
Egaita yume wa kanau to shinjite iru kara

(A/N: * In the lyrics they write 「人生」which means “life” but in the song he sings 「道」which means “path/course”)


乗れ Ride on Time

後悔しない Life
歩め さぁ Boys be ambitious

だけど ねぇ

何度も立ち上がる Shainy Guy

Don’t lift the hand

歩め さぁ Girls be ambitious

だけど ねぇ

いつでも愛される Shainy Lady



(A/N: * In the lyrics they write 「人生」which means “life” but in the song he sings 「道」which means “path/course” And yes in the actual lyrics they have "Shainy" I don't know why but they do)

Again if you see any mistakes please do tell me! I'm still learning after all and anything helps! :)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

LM.C Q & A at Acen

M = Maya
A = Aiji
T = Translator
C = Crowd
F = Fan
A/N = Author’s Note

As soon as everyone settled into their seats the question and answer panel seemed to start up really quick. The translator welcomed in Maya and Aiji and they took their places at the front of the room. After getting settled people began to wave and say hi and Maya and Aiji politely smiled at everyone.

M: So its like this huh

C: -laugh-

T: Okay I’m sure you already the very well much more than I do, but allow me to have them introduce themselves.

M: Hello, I’m Maya
A: Hello, I’m Aiji

Maya checks to see if the microphone is on by going “Ah,  Ah” into the mic.
T: Its on
C: -laugh-

M: Thank you very much for coming to see us, I hope this panel will be fun.
A: How many of you came to our live yesterday?
C: -many people cheer and raise their hand-
A: Yesterdays’ live was the best, and it made me happy that you all came, and I hope today is just as fun

(A/N: The translator made it sound like there was another live so there was a bit of confusion but he corrected himself)

Q: Since we are at an Anime Convention, if you could cosplay a character who would it be?
M: I would cosplay the character Satoshi… I don’t know what he is called in America but the guy from Pokemon.
A: I would cosplay Captain Tsubasa (A/N: I couldn’t catch what anime it was from)

Q: What got you into music in general?
M: For me it was a band called X Japan when I listened to them when I was a kid
A: For me, I don’t know if you could call it what got me into music or not but it was a band called Buck-Tick, they were an early favorite.

Q: What inspires you to compose your music and the lyrics, like the format of the song and the stories of songs like Bell the Cat or 88?
M: When there is music already made I will get inspiration from the music itself, otherwise I get it from the daily life and what I feel and I’ll turn that into lyrics.

Q: What is your favorite song?
M: Can it be any song or just an LM.C song?
F: Any song
M: Ahhhh, I remember the music but I can’t remember the name of the title.. Its an American song, “We are” something… I can’t remember -laughs- (a bit more of sounds and pauses) sorry I still can’t remember -laughs- let me think a bit more
A: For me I have too many to choose from but, the first song I heard when I came to Chicago was Frank Sinatra’s My Way.
M: I still can’t remember -laughs-

Q: How do you guys like to tune your guitars and what kind effects do you use on stage?
M: You mean the way we tune?
A: For six strings its drop C with C sharp on the last string

Q: What inspires your on stage costumes, do you decide them or do you consult with a stylist?
A: When talking about the stage costume, me, Maya and the stylist have the brand groucho, and that’s what we use for costumes.

Q: What do you think of us, do you think we are weird?
M: I don’t like talking about somebody else cause we are all the same but I see many people cosplaying and dressing in different fashions and just like anyone else we are also expressing ourselves by having an original style and taking inspiration from things we like but the important part is we are expressing ourselves and it makes us happy but wether or not we are strange is a different matter.

Q: What are some weird things that have happened to you on your tour?
A: Ah~ It’s changed (topic) -laughs- For instants just yesterday during the live someone just suddenly came up on the stage. The person that came up timed in perfectly that even the staff thought he was part of the show, but we noticed he smelt like alcohol so the staff had him kicked out.
M: Wasn’t he suppose to be Pikachu?
A: Was he!?
M: He was a good Pikachu -laughs-

Q: Do you have any animals or like any animals?
M: I personally don’t have any but at my parents house we have a dog.
C: -couple of people clap-
A: Why the clap? -laughs-
A: I have a cat of my own from last year, Sora
C: -more people cheer and clap-
A: Seems like there are more people that like cats than dogs
C: -people in crowd start saying the have dogs-
A: Ah there are quite a few (dog fans)

Q: Who have been your biggest support other than the fans on this journey throughout this whole experience?
M: Our group of members that have traveled with us.
A: Since it just two of us, our supporting members cause there is no way we could have all this fun without them.

Q: What is your favorite food?

M:Ah~ Sushi.
F: What kind of fish?
M: I like shellfish.
A: For me I like fruits especially peaches.

Q: What do you think of Chicago?
A: Chicago is great, but I haven’t been outside the hotel that much yet. We are looking forward to having some extra time to look around and find all the good places in town.

Q: When Yoshiki was here last year he didn’t eat Chicago pizza, have you had Chicago pizza yet?
A: Yes, that was the first thing we had.

Q: How do you get pumped up for lives?
A: In our case we are like this until right before the concert starts. When the opening sound effects start playing and we are right about the go up on the stage, instantly our moods change.

Q: Do you have a favorite English word or phrase?
A: Sorry we aren’t well studied so we don’t have one
M: Are there any good words we should know?
C: You don’t want to know the swear words
M + A: -laughs-
M: Do you all have favorite Japanese words or phrases?
C: -start nodding their heads and saying yes-
M: Could you tell us?

Someone for the crowd says hour glass, and Maya and Aiji were both surprised and kinda laughed. She then goes on to tell a long story about her life. Others were like interesting, I don’t speak Japanese, painful, I love you…. etc

Q: Can I hug you?
T: Is that a question or your favorite word
F: A question
M: Only in your mind
A: -laughs-

Q: Is there any well known musician abroad that you don’t really like?
M: Someone who is living? Ahhhh
A: Is there? Ummm well I would have to consider LMFAO our rivals.

Q: Why are you guys so cute?
A: What part of us is so cute?
C: Everything!!
A: Really?!
M: Thank you~ -laugh-

Q: What was it like being able to play at Budokan earlier in January?
M: It was the best, do you guys know the importance of Budokan?
C: -some say yes and some head nodding-
M: I would like it if you came next time, Ah you were there!? Wow!
A: Thank you! Did you go with family or…?
F: Only the two of us
M + A: Thank you very much

Q: Before coming here did you have any pre-thoughts about what people were like?
M: Is there? I don’t think so…
A: Its hard to think, you don’t know until you see it in front of you
M: I don’t know if I should say something about something I can’t understand but I have this image that Americans are always drinking Coke.
A: It suits them though like.. -imitates opening a can of coke-
C: -laughs-
A: Its cool

Q: What kind of girls do you like?
M: Well~ As long as she is living that’s fine with me
A: A person that supports and trusts themselves are very attractive

Q: What is your favorite childhood memory?
M: I wonder, but when you asked the question I suddenly remembered being carried by my grandmother on her back.
C: Awwwww
M: - laughs- But there are many others of course.
A: I used to swim seriously and I wasn’t successful so I was broken hearted but that is what prompted me to music so now I think of myself as lucky I was unsuccessful.

Q: What is your favorite car in terms of speed?
M: Car?
A: We aren’t really into cars, so we don’t know any names -laughs-

Q: This has probably been asked before but how did you decide on the name “LM.C”
M: We choose the name cause we wanted a name we could create a meaning for.

Q: In your free time do you have any sport you like to watch?
A: I like to watch Soccer.
M: Recently I’ve wanted to try and watch Tennis.

Q: When you were young besides wanting to be a musician what did you want to be when you grew up?
M: At first I wanted to become a police man, I can’t remember why specifically but it was probably because I thought their uniforms looked cool. 
A: Until about five years old I wanted to be a baseball player.

Q: What was your inspiration for the MAD LM.C?

M: Well we consider them a totally different band, it was about four years into forming LM.C when they suddenly appeared.

Q: What is different about this newest album to albums you have released in the past?
A: Well its always been our target to make songs that everybody can listen to and enjoy but we think this new album is more merry and has more party type songs.

Q: What did you think of each other when you first met?
A: I don’t really remember much but I didn’t really think anything he was very impression less, weak, and unfortunate kind of being.
C: -laughs- How harsh..
M: Same here -laughs-

Q: If you lost one of your finger do you think the others would be lonely?
A: If I lost any of them I would feel lonely -laughs- It doesn’t  matter which. Maybe my thumb…

Q: Do you have any special talents?
M: I can move my ears, can you see?
C: -laughs-
T: He just moved it, did you see?
C: -no response really-
M: Well, I can do that -laughs-
A: Nothing comes up particularly

Q: What was it like gathering the fans voices for Hoshi No Arika?
M: We gathered them by e-mail and we got so many reactions and replies that we were so happy but at the same time there were so many that it was hard work to put them together.

Q: Do you have any tattoos or do you like tattoos?
A: I do have some on my fingers but I can’t say if I like tattoos or not, they hurt so I don’t really like getting them.
M: I don’t have any so I’m considering one

Q: What is your favorite song to perform live?
M: Recently its been LET ME’ CRAZY
A: Well recently for me from the new album its been GAME OF LIFE

Q: First how are you, and Maya do you like Gackt?

M: I’m good and Gackt? I love him.

Q: Do you watch any American TV shows?
M: I really don’t know any so if there are any good ones let me know
A: I watch Heros a lot and Prison Break

Q: Do you have any fetishes?
M: Like what? Give us an example of yours
C: -laughs-
T: Okay next question

Q: Do you know about the MAD FAMILY?
M: You mean like on twitter? Ah, yes I see their names a lot. Are you part of the Family?
F: Yes
M: Ah thank you, and yes I know

Q: What ever happened to your internet bride?
(N: Bit of a translation problem until Maya figured out what she was asking)
M: Ahhh you mean the one from the magazine? I got so many responses, and I’m still checking one by one -laughs-

Q: Has any fans ever proposed to you?
M: They do it a lot
F: Can I right now?
M: Its free to ask

Q: Do you ever pull pranks on each other?

A: Not at all
M: Were adults after all -laughs-

Q: Do you like video games if so what are your favorite ones?
A: I really love video games and even today between panels I was playing them. Like Katamari Damashii (Katamari Damacy)
C: Ohhh
M: Do you guys know Katamari Damashii?
C: Yes
M: I don’t really play games that much, but if I do I play them I play some of the Mario series.
A: I noticed some of the Mario cosplayers too -laughs-

Q: What is your future ambition
A: I want to have an American tour

Q: Do you guys have a favorite color and what is it?

M: Kuro.. Black (says in English)
A: Recently I’ve liked the color white

Q: Have you ever considered dying your hair green?
M: Personally, no -laughs-
A: I have, I wouldn’t mind doing it sometime

Q: I have a banner and a lot of people signed it, would it be okay if I gave it to you
M + A: Of course!
A: Its the best
M + A: Thank you

Q: If you could do a two man tour who would you want to tour with?
A: If we were going to have a tour together I would want to choose someone who we have good relationships with so we would probably choose Dir En Grey or Plastic Tree..
C: - starts cheering when he mentions Plastic Tree -
A: They are sure popular huh?
C: Yes! -starts to clap again-
A: When I go back I’ll be sure to tell them they got applause in America.

They kept asking question but unfortantly I left early so I missed the last few.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LM.C - EDO FUNK English Translations

I translated this song quite awhile ago, but since I've gotten better at my Japanese I updated it and fixed some things~

The clear Japanese weather 1000% perfect for a summer festival
The voice of the cicada, the high-tension excitement and the smell of the wind
Short of hurried breath as I ran up the stone steps towards the shrine
Without a handle you were about to blow a fuze that was our first meeting

Connected with this hand so you won’t completely flutter astray
Its not the heat of the summers fault
You advert your eyes and quietly say such things 「I feel kinda shy」
If we were to fall in love wouldn’t it only be heartbreaking? Typically

Your profile that emerged illuminated by fireworks
The light inside that is shaking don’t disappear, don’t disappear
While saying 「Isn't it beautiful」flower petals fall down in an instant
I pretended to look up at the night sky when with a sidelong glance I was looking at you

I've gotten tired of my foolish soul so I'll go live boldly
More than any kind of flowers or dumplings I'll be the main dish

I was frolicking in the middle of fluttering festival merry making but
You are preoccupied somewhere else
And those eyes that follow are the worlds master thief's
And what he was stealing was your heart

Sparklers in ones hands tell of tears of unrequited love
「I don't want to be me」such remarks I can’t say, I can’t say
Lets remain wrapped up in this orange color for just a bit longer like this
The truth is I've liked you this whole time

Your profile that emerged illuminated by fireworks
Although the seasons come and go I’ll never forget it

Nihonbare sen paacent zekkou no natsu matsuri biyori
Semi no koe haitenshon mune ga odoru kaze no nioi
Isogiashi iki wo kirashi jinja e no ishidan kake agaru
Kara ni naku tenpatteru hajimete no machiawase

Hirurira wa gurete shimawa nai you ni to tsunai da te
Atsui no wa natsu no sei ja nee ya
Me wo sorashi chiisaku 「...nanka tereru ne 」 nante
Oira ni horeru to tsura ku naru ze? teki na

Uchiagehanabi ni terasare ukabiagatta yokogao
Hikari no naka de yureteru kie nai de kie nai de
Setsuna ni mai chiru hanabira 「 kirei da ne 」 toka ii nagara
Yozora miageru furi shite yokome de kimi wo miteta

Beranmee tamashii de akiru kurai daitan ni ikiro
Donna hana yori mo dango yori mo jibun ga mein

Hirurirara omatsurisawagi no mannaka de hashaideru kedo
Kimi wa doko ka uwanosora de
Sono hitomi ga ou no wa tenka no dai dorobou sa
Aitsu ga nusun detta no wa kimi no haato

Senkou hanabi wo katate ni kataomoi tsugeru namida
「 ore ni shi na yo 」 no seifu ga ie nakute ie nakute
Orenji mittsu ni tsutsumarete mousukoshi dake kono mama de
Hontou wa zutto mae kara kimi no koto ga suki datta

Uchiagehanabi ni terasare ukabiagatta yokogao
Kisetsu wa meguri yuku keredo wasurenai yo zutto

日本晴れ1000% 絶好の夏祭り日和 
蝉の声ハイテンション 胸が躍る風の匂い 
急ぎ足 息を切らし神社への石段かけ上る

ひゅるりら はぐれてしまわないようにと繋いだ手 
目をそらし 小さく「…なんか照れるね」なんて

光の中で揺れてる 消えないで 消えないで 


ひゅるりらら お祭り騒ぎの真ん中ではしゃいでるけど

「オレにしなよ」の台詞が 言えなくて 言えなくて 
オレンジ色に包まれて もう少しだけこのままで 

季節は巡りゆくけれど 忘れないよずっと