Monday, April 1, 2013

LM.C Gacha Gacha Miracle Vol.34 (English)

The topic about LM.C that rattled and appeared, this series is a relaxed talk. Now, this month’s topic is...?

How do you enjoy time alone?

Q: When you are alone what do you do?
A: That was sudden! (laughs)

Q: I think there are a lot of people who have started living along since Spring, and I’m sure they would like you to tell them how to spend time alone.
A: I think I’ll be a bad example of how to spend time alone. I always end up not know what would be good to do.
M: Yeah but what do you eventually do? Senpai
A: I end up playing things like games
M: Well that... isn’t helpful at all
A: It isn’t is it~ That’s because recently I’ve only been caught up in games. But, I know I shouldn’t do that so I wonder if I should voluntarily go out to eat with people. So I’ve been thinking of picking up communication with those people.
M: Well...
A: Like with maya? But you don’t really go out with big crowds...
M: I don’t do I~ When I’m alone I wonder if I’ll go to the movies. Is there one thing besides movies, games, and manga you can do by yourself? On the contrary, I want you go teach me.
A: You mean like jigsaw puzzles

Q: I don’t know if you can teach that.....
A: Maybe cooking, or musical appreciation...
M: Anything is fine right? How about taking a walk
A: Shopping

The truth is I don't...
Q: Are you a person who goes shopping alone?
A: Yeah. I only go alone because if I don’t have a purpose then I don’t go. And if I go to the extent of buying clothes I only go alone. Which is why I end up shopping on the internet. I almost don’t go to places like convenience stores either. I also can’t think of anything else but going to convenience stores for drinks but since I have a water server I end up not getting water either. I don’t buy anything in particular. Well, I guess I might go and buy water sometimes. Wait, what were we talking about again?     
M: How we spend time alone!
A: Aah.........The truth is I don’t know what I do alone.
M: What indeed. When I’m alone....all that comes to mind is going to Don Quijote.
A: What do you go shopping for?
Nope. If you think of......
M: Yasuda Yogurt
A: Isn’t it cheaper online?
M: Nope. If you think of the shipping its cheaper just to go and buy it
A: Oh. I see (maybe convinced)
M: Geez, our stories weren’t helpful at all.

Q: Really......Well, first of all, if you moved where would be a good place to start?
A: First, you need to explore the surroundings of the house! I think that part is really fun.
M: That’s normal. An absolute normal comment...
A: Hey! what’s with that....after all, if you’re a girl, wouldn’t you want a place where you can refine your cooking ability or something like that? Because I think it’s important how you use your own time. That’s a story of hindsight, well a long time ago, my mom used to make me things like homemade pound cake and pastries. Now, however, children like the taste of cheap sweets more than homemade ones, but in those days I didn’t realize the gratitude of that homemade taste, and even as I think of it now I get a warm taste in my mouth.
M: Eh!? What good story are you talking about!?
A: Huh!? Wait, what was the story in the first place? (Got off topic)

Q: E~h. (bitter smile)
M: We are completely worthless (laughs)
A: Or rather, I would like to ask everyone how they spend time alone. I wonder what their doing? Everyone....
M: The point of today’s theme, it’s become the exact opposite, right senpai! (laughs)
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[A/N: Scans provided by myself]

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